Mark Erwin | Commonwealth Financial Network

Mark Erwin, Chartered Financial Consultant,® M.A. Psychology

Create an inspiring financial strategy fueled by your vision and values.

Pursue what’s most
important to you.

You are more than the sum of your assets. You are your life’s goals, passions, values, and aspirations. I am a great listener. Together, we’ll uncover your hopes, challenges, and even your fears, so we can help you pursue your most important goals that are aligned with your deeply held values.


Make wise
wealth decisions.

We all have financial behaviors and patterns that influence our money decisions. As a seasoned Chartered Financial Consultant with an economics degree and a master’s degree in psychology, I know how to have the emotional and trust-fueled conversations that can help you build a better relationship with your money.

Relationships drive me.

I work with conscientious, intelligent, and philanthropic clients—entrepreneurs, professors, research scientists, technology leaders, and more. For decades, I have guided successful clients in the pursuit of their impressive goals by bringing greater clarity to their vision.









Live your best
possible life.

With a focus on your comprehensive goals, I will help you manage your wealth, plan for retirement, minimize taxes, create an estate plan, address health care and long-term care needs, and more. Delegate all your financial concerns to me so you can enjoy more happiness in your personal and financial life.

The strength of a powerful network on your side.

My mission is to help you create more financial security and freedom in your life. My affiliation with Commonwealth Financial Network®—a nationwide firm offering business solutions, resources, and support to independent financial advisors—helps me fulfill my commitment to you.